The Skinny on Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt-Lift

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It’s no secret or surprise that the derriere is now the number one treatment in medical aesthetics today. The Kardashians and Hip Hop Artists have brought so much attention to our backsides. Although many of these celebrities have gone to extreme measures to add extreme measure to their behinds(like what I did there?), the rest of us are wondering what we can do improve, enhance and even reshape our back-sides.

Vacuum Therapy has hit the seen and spread like wildfire through Tik Tok and Twitter. It uses suction to pull tissue up and into the applicator, increasing blood circulation, stretching and even break fascia tissues, break down localized fatty deposits, remove toxins and excessive water retention. It can smooth the appearance of cellulite on all parts of the body. Even though it has all of these great benefits to overall health and well-being, if you are reading this you are wondering, ” Can it really firm, raise and even reshape by booty?”

The answer is a big HECK YES! When the treatment is done in conjunction with daily squats and/or exercise, it can be a huge benefit to achieving a bigger, smoother, lifted back side. We recommend coming in twice a week for 3-5 weeks for best results. You can expect the results to last about a year with maintenance.

Moreover, if achieving a bigger back side, smoother legs isn’t enough, it is just overall an amazing treatment for health and well being during these crazy times. The lymphatic benefits of this type of therapy are well known and extremely beneficial and pertinent to our immune systems. Since our lymphatic systems need to stimulated in order to function properly, we sometimes get a build up of excessive “gunk” that can slow us down physically and cause a whole range of other health problems. By stimulating the lymphatic flow, we can drain out toxins and water weight by directly moving the vacuum suction cups to the lymph nodes.