Much more than Just a Facial! Introducing the Signature Korean Glass Skin Facial

Best facial Experience at Evergreen Body Contouring and Aesthetics…much more than a facial! Introducing the Signature Korean Glass Skin Facial!

The medical aesthetics and spa industries are full of many options to help address hundreds of skin care needs. But how do you choose a provider that will help you get the results you want?

At Evergreen Body Contouring And Aesthetics, we focus on patient satisfaction and care every step of the way. We believe in creating a tailored experience unique to each patient which is how and why we created our Signature medical facial “Korean Glass Skin Facial”. Unlike traditional facial spa facial treatments, we use our medical background and innovative  technology to give you softer, cleaner, smoother, and more youthful looking skin through a 7 step system. Koreans are known around the world for their beautiful, hydrated, glistening skin and you can now achieve that look here in Evergreen, CO! Let me explain.

1.) Once the skin has been thoroughly cleaned, we then go in using our Hydradermabrasion. This system uses specially selected serums and suction to gently cleanse, extract and exfoliate the skin while simultaneously drenching the skin in beneficial hydration and soothing all at the same time.

2.) Here in Colorado, we all experience the drying nature of our harsh winters which is why we then go in using a diamond tip microdermabrasion to further exfoliate and remove any dead skin left behind, leaving your skin soft and supple.

3.) The there’s step is our non invasive Radio Frequency device that goes along the surface of the face and neck. The RF goes deep into the dermis to warm tissues deep within and i courage collagen, elastin to be produced for a tighter, more lifted appearance of the face and neck area.

4.) If you are looking to truly go the distance and have results that will last for months, we encourage you then do our Radio Frequency Microneedling treatment. This uses gold plated microneedling technology and Radio Frequency heat to go even deeper into the skin to actively produce new, fresh skin! Over the course of several months, you will experience tighter, firmer skin with less wrinkles, scars and age spots.

5.) After the RF Microneedling, it’s time to unwind and enjoy an Oxygen Infusion treatment using pure oxygen and soothing, hydrating serums.

6.) Finally, the cryo ice glove massage shrinks pores and calms while you enjoy Red Light Therapy and Near Inferred Light Therapy.

These treatments combined will promote better skin health, improve mood, promote healing and so much more. This facial is unlike anything you have ever tried and will be an experience to remember with results that last!

Schedule your appointment today and say hello to a new, fresher more confident you!