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Take Home Treatments

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Every body is different which is why we tailor each procedure to the individual. If you are a new to non invasive body sculpting - start with our free consultation to discuss your goals, expectations, procedure options and their process and what you will need to get the best results. All of our other services do not require an initial consultation, but we are happy to do one if requested.

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In-Office Consultation
30 min  |  Complimentary

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Virtual Video Consultation
30 min  |  Complimentary


Emsculpt Neo
45 min  |  Prices Vary


30 min  |  Prices Vary

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Coolsculpting® (Permanent Fat Loss)
2 hr  |  Call for Pricing or to Schedule Free Consultation Virtually or In-Office

Coolsculpting is FDA Approved non invasive permanent fat loss using freezing technology for the treatment of subcutaneous fat by 20-25% per treatment session

Pixel8 RF Microneedling Results

Pixel8-RF Radio Frequency Microneedling (Face and Body)
1 hr  |   $399 Per Area

FDA Cleared minimally invasive treatment combining Microneedling and Radio Frequency heat. These two treatments combined give your skin a more youthful appearance by toning, smoothing, brightening and tightening.

Coolsculpting® Fat-Freezing Technology

Follow Up
15 min  |  Complimentary

Brazilian Butt-Lift Results

Non Invasive Brazilian Butt-Lift (includes 50 min session, cellulite treatment and Red Light Therapy)
1 hr  |  $65

Vacuum suction is used to gently stretch fascia tissues, increase blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage all while mobilizing fatty deposits giving your booty a lifted, more round appearance. This treatment will immediately give you the appearance of 1,200 squats! Red Light Therapy is clinically proven to help promote healthy skin, even skin tone, improve mood and so much more.

lower abdomen 2 treatment results

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Vacuum Therapy Full Body
75 min  |  $150

Improve your immune system, reduce anxiety, fatigue, and ease chronic pain. Full body lymphatic massage using vacuum therapy, effectively stimulates the lymph nodes all over the body to work more efficiently at removing toxins and increasing your bodies natural immune response.

Experience the Difference with RF Microneedling

PiXel8-RF can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles, tighten double chins, promote better skin texture for smoother skin, help with acne scars, body scars including stretchmarks!

How CoolSculpting® Works

What to expect from your Coolsculpting consultation all the way through treatment here at Evergreen Body Contouring and Aesthetics. We will walk you through the entire process in this video.

Newest System in Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation!

Our PiXel8-RF microneedling procedure uses microneedles to disperse radio frequency heat under the skin to treat fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening, double chin tightening, brighter skin, acne scars, active acne, sun damage, stretch marks, skin creping and so much more!

CoolSculpting® Consultation to Treatment Experience

What to expect from your Coolsculpting consultation all the way through treatment here at Evergreen Body Contouring and Aesthetics. We will walk you through the entire process in this video.

Non Surgical BBL and
Cellulite Treatment

Using Vacuum Therapy, we can safely, and gently improve the appearance of cellulite, ease muscle tension, break up fatty deposits, increase circulation and work the fascia tissues for smoother legs and booty!

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We Now Offer Financing through CareCredit®